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How to play boxing | Boxing rules


Boxing is one of the most unique and popular sport across the globe. It would be certainly inappropriate to define boxing as “a sport that involves two opponents in combat by throwing punches at each other in a boxing ring”. Rather, it’s more than what you see in a boxing ring. Unlike other sports, boxing is the hardest and challenging sports ever, both physically and mentally. It’s more than a win-lose game, where the opponent not only thrives to put the other opponent hard but at the same time he ensures himself not to be defeated or knocked-down. It’s the opponent’s physical endurance that is far more challenging. The more stringent his training, the best is his physical endurance. This training not only involves physical fitness, techniques, equipment, styles or rules, but it creates an awareness and importance of boxing as a sport. SabkiFitness.Com, an online sports store India summarizes here some of the rules for the benefit of players. One can buy various kinds of quality boxing gloves online from our sports shop.



Boxing is recognized across the world as a competitive sport, thus inviting certain rules governing boxing that are to be respected, applied and adhered strictly.

  • A boxing match typically consists of a total of 12 rounds, 3 minutes each with a break of 1 minute between the rounds.
  • The match is controlled by a referee within the boxing ring, who takes control over the fight and the conduct of the fighters, and is bound to judge by the rules of boxing.
  • Each fighter is assigned one corner of the ring from where he enters the ring at the beginning of each round and returns back to the corner at the end of the round.
  • Scores are decided by the judges present at the ringside, at most 3 judges are present. Their judgment is based on knockdowns, punches, elbows, defense and other measures.
  • If one fighter is knocked down, by the other the referee counts to ten till the fighter returns to his feet and continue. If the count is finished, the fighter is ruled knocked out and the other fighter is the winner.
  • Many jurisdictions or bodies, considers Technical Knock-out (TKO), in which a fighter knock down the other three times in a single round. And the referee may count to eight to observe if the knocked down fighter is fit to continue.
  • If the boxer is knock down out of the ring, the referee counts to 20 till he gets on his feet.
  • In general, the fighters are not allowed to hit the opponent below the belt, to bite, spit, hold or push. They are prohibited from hitting on the back, forehead, neck, or the kidneys. They can hit the opponent from the closed fist only, but not allowed to hit from any other part of the arm, whether its elbow, forearm, shoulder or open glove.
  • The fighters are not allowed to hold the ropes of the ring for support while punching the opponent.
  • In case of an intentional foul, the bout can be stopped and the referee can cease the fight immediately.
  • If any injury occurs due to the foul, and the fight still continues, the referee can cease the fight or can deduct the points of the other fighter.
  • Any violation of the rules is to be considered a foul and the referee can warn or disqualify the fighter.
  • In case of any accidental blowout, the fighter is given 5 minutes to recover, and if the fighter is unable to continue, the referee may rule knocked out.
  • A “no decision” bout is sometimes ruled out at the fight’s conclusion if there is no knockout, i.e. no fighter is declared the winner as no official decision followed. 

Apart from the above mentioned, there exists many other rules and regulations recognized by various federations or bodies. Though there are no universally accepted rules for boxing, they may vary across the countries, having their own rules and regulations governing different levels of competitive boxing. In a nutshell, these rules not only regularize the boxing competitions but ensure the protection of the fighters in the ring, where sometimes deaths may occur.


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