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What are Boxing Gloves/Training Gloves/Sparring Gloves etc


It is essential for every boxer to have a good pair of gloves for his safety. Gloves act as a shield for the boxer and protect him or her from any unpleasant happening during the fight. The cushioning or padding of these gloves helps both to add force and protect one from the opponent punch. But it is essential to wear good quality gloves and very important to find the right type of gloves. As there are numerous & different types of boxing gloves available, therefore it becomes harder to make a suitable selection.

What are the types of BOXING GLOVES?

While we look out for gloves, we find a wide variety in terms of its size, style, and weight. They are recognized by different names as sparring gloves, training gloves, boxing gloves, bag gloves and so on. Let’s see the different types and have a brief about them;, an online sports store india differentiates here between the various kinds of gloves used in the game of boxing. Players may buy all kind of such boxing gloves online from our sports shop.

  1.       Training Gloves ( Bag Gloves)

These gloves are usually used for boxing training aids or for hitting heavy bags. It’s a technique used for the beginner before getting into the ring. They protect you from any injuries on hand or wrist.

Bag gloves come in a variety of colors, size and weight with a little padding to some weighing 12oz, 14oz,16oz and so on. It depends on the trainer whether or not they want their students to train with heavy padding or light padding gloves. A heavy padding glove can be used to build stamina and endurance. It strictly depends on the type and form of training being provided to the boxers.


  1.       Sparring Gloves ( Boxing Gloves)

In training, these sparring gloves are that protects you and your opponent. Sparring gloves or boxing gloves are used in competitions worn by boxers in the ring.

Boxing gloves also come in various sizes ranging from 8oz to 16oz. However, their use depends on the body weight of the boxer. Sparring gloves are slightly softer than training gloves but almost looks like and most of them are pre-molded, i.e., when you put your fingers in the glove they take wrist shape naturally.


  1.       Amateur Gloves

Amateur gloves are typical of the same size and of the same color usually red or blue. They are provided to the boxers for the promotional purposes and are of specific styles which make it clear for the judges to score the fights. You need not buy these gloves rather, but it’s worth knowing them.


  1.       Professional Gloves

As the name itself clarifies, professional gloves are used for professional competitions. They are not to be used for training purposes. They have a firm padding that makes them lighter and heavier than the other types of gloves.






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